Now a member of BAFTA and The British Film Designers Guild, I initially studied Vocational Film Theatre and Television design and also the history of art and architecture at The Croydon College of Art, with a later course at Pinewood Studios in Draughting for Film and Television.

This training has equipped me to take on most roles in the art department in a wide range of styles and media. I have practical and management skills relevant to the industry.

Being part of a team or working alone, I enjoy the creative process, using ingenuity to solve problems and help bring projects in on budget. I believe in working afresh, bringing in new ideas and not ‘borrowing’ ideas or recycling things people have seen before. I’m also passionate about excellent construction and detail. There’s no substitute for research, application, detail and skill!

I also have an understanding of the different roles within the different disciplines, and that film and TV design tends to be a group effort overseen by the Production Designer and each team will have a different view as to best tackle the requirements.

John West CV